Exploring the Benefits of Attendance Management System

Attendance Management is the best feature of AEMS. An automated attendance management system has become one of the top reasons due to which the educational institutions in Pakistan love engage a school management system like AEMS. However, there are only a few schools that have such an automated school management system. The reason is the unawareness about the benefits that a school can enjoy in the case of an attendance management system for all, students, academic staff, and other employees.

In comparison to the manual system, the automated school management system gives an educational institution, a robust approach. We are living in a modern age of information and technology where all corporate-level organizations are shifting their systems to automated ones. How is it accepted that the educational institutions are living without it, as these are the base camps of technology?

Therefore, we recommend a computerized school management system for all schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions in Pakistan. This system will not only give you some benefits, which will make your lives easier but also contribute towards the improved performance of the academic staff as well. The most important benefit is using a computerized attendance management system that will give a big relief to the teachers, who keep a big register with them to mark the attendance.

Attendance Management System has gained popularity in recent years and it has become a trend to incorporate such a system in the educational institutions. Many schools, colleges, and universities have implemented it recently, and many are willing in it. The All in One Education Management System has addressed this module quite effectively and given the opportunity to the management to record the attendance through Thumb Impression and Code Implementation Systems.

In this blog, we will help you provide the key features of the Attendance Management Module of the AEMS and describe them briefly.

You can streamline the whole procedure of Attendance Management

Keep your academic staff away from the tedious work of marking the attendance manually via the attendance management module of the AEMS. This automated system will record all the attendance and keep you, teachers, and parents updated about the overall class attendance of the students. It will also help you get details of the history after just a few clicks in the case of generating reports of a specific student or employee.

You can also get real-time attendance notifications

The school management will also get real-time notifications about those students and employees, who are absent on a specific day after viewing the list of each class and department. In this way, the school management can improve the overall attendance percentage and overall productivity rate.

Only a single platform to record attendance for all the students and staff

Recording the attendance of all is a hectic task that can only be addressed through an automated attendance management system. The AEMS offers you a single-fold attendance system that helps you record the attendance of all the teachers and employees through a single system, take them to the specific departments and class, and generate reports separately with only a few clicks.

Proxy attendance will be no more now!

The attendance management system of the AEMS will reduce the proxy attendance up to a great level. The students will not be able to use the loophole of helping their friends through calling or marking their attendance. The use of biometrics with an attendance management system will give you a real picture of the attendance that was not possible before.


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