How important is the Fee Management System for Schools?

Fee management is the key to earn money for most educational institutions in the world. Therefore, these institutes give this department more than any other else. This reason forces the management to keep an eye all the time for better fee management. The best approach in this regard is engaging the automated fee management system in the institutions.

Many school management systems are offering a progressive and more adoptive, independent automated system to all types of schools, colleges, universities, and vocational and training institutes across the world. For such a comprehensive and complete fee management system, the educational institutes pay a huge amount in the form of subscription and monthly fees.

However, with All in One Education Management System (AEMS), offered by SR7, is a school management system that gives you an opportunity to get a complimentary fee management system that has the capability to generate fee vouchers for all the students, mention the tuition fee due date and after the due date, and record all the payments in its own accounts management system. SR7 introduced this module with the name of Student Fee in AEMS, one of the most comprehensive school management systems in the market. You can also check the total payments in the form of the total collection as well.

Why do you need AEMS instead of a fully-independent fee management system for your educational institution? Well, a comprehensive and fully-functional All in One Education Management System can easily address all your requirements regarding fee management with invoice generation. It is feasible for all public or privately owned schools and other educational institutions. This automated system helps you save a huge amount of money that you were spending or may spend for a separate fee management system. AEMS has also helped those institutions as well that need planning to implement a strategy of an automated system along with a separate fee management system.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get with the AEMS fee management system:


An automated system always creates problems for new users. However, with the fee management system, included in AEMS, is a very user-friendly module that can easily be handled by even a layman. It is just a simple form through which you can add the fee, mention date, and generate a hard copy through the Print option. The accounts department can also easily add a fee amount when received in the Income section of the Accounts Management System and generate Profit/Loss without trouble.

High Secure Module

The fee management system of AEMS is extremely safe and secure, as only the authentic persons are allowed to get access to this module. The management also has the right to change the access control as per the requirement.

Fees Report Generation

The student Fee module helps the school management and accounts department get access to the payment history, get the amount total after intervals, record all types of fees with student details, calculate expenses and generate profit and loss statements through graphical representation and tabular format. You can also print these reports as well.

Transparent System

SR7 focused on the transparency in this system to make it useful for school management. All the amounts, whether received through cash or check, are recorded chronologically, and the accounts department handles all information according to the requirement.

Holistic Account Management

As the educational institution has complete information of student, whether it is his personal information, contact details, parent information, or a fee structure, so the management can easily track all the fee that can be implemented, whether it is an admission fee, student fee, hostel fee or any other activities to a specific student.


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