Hire the world's top talent in one click

Hire the world’s top talent in one click

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The Road to Perfect Remote Team

Ping us today, tell our team what kind of freelance talent do you require.

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We’ll find your perfect match within 48 hours and schedule a FREE demo with him.


Evaluate Your Resource! If satisfied, sign-off Instantly, they’ll be ready to start!


They are a part of your team now !! Work with them at no risk !

  • Communicate with your developer in your preferred medium (skype, slack, anyother medium of your choice!).
  • Work in your own Time Zone – Your team shall be available for you anytime!
  • Complete Monitoring – Screenshare, Screen activity tracking tool, Hourly performance tracking tools – You’ll
    be provided with complete access to your team.
  • FREE DEMO - Don’t pay or start working until you are satisfied.
  • RISK FREE TRIAL – You can walk away anytime if unsatisfied – No Commitments at all!
  • Pay only for what work is done!
  • SR7 Remote Developers Typical Employment

    No Recruiting Fee

     Heavy recruitment fees and hectic interviews

    Work on cheap hourly,part-time or full-time for a fixed cost – No hidden fees!

     Office cost , Utility Bills, Taxes, Employee Insurance, bonuses and the list goes on ….

    Guaranteed quality or you can walk away! 

    Quality work is rare to found

    Very Low Failure Rate

    High Failure Rate

    Pre-screened Candidates

    Everybody can walk in for an interview

    No Termination cost

    Termination itself is a hustle

    No Risk Trial Period

    Your work progress is at risk!

    Easy Payments

    Complicated payroll structure

     And the list is so on …….

    Still not convinced? Ping us today and see if we can help.

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