Technical Support & Maintenance

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Level 1 Support

Hire a support team that incorporates the best application support process of addressing your queries the way you prefer - via email, tracking systems, web forms, chat or phone calls. With real-time follow up, our team registers and prioritizes your queries, which are solved directly or are forwarded to the next software support serviceslevel.


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Level 2 support

Hire a team of support engineers with expertise in system troubleshooting and monitoring of KPIs! Our engineers specialize in various application maintenance andsupport activities including configuration issues, software installation and routine maintenance of the entire system. We work hard to ensure a smooth and flawless app development and maintenance experience for our clients.

Level 3 support

Hire a dedicated team of engineers with deep understanding of the platforms used in your product! Through access to your application server, we offer an enterprise application support model focused on complex, unregistered setbacks - requiring system changes or code reviews. Our engineers are also capable of database administration, complex configurations and application support services.


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