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Our websites for you are tailor-made to engage the users through aesthetic designs, convince them to explore the more pages more, and eventually win hearts. The web designers and developers of SR7, have the acumen, professionalism, experience, and expertise make your website livelier with the exact cluster of colors according to your business requirements. Our web designers do not use a single element to fill the space; rather they keep everything on the website, calculated, according to the requirement, and logically considered. Each and every design component provided by SR 7 persuades the users to visit the website more. Developing the sense of contentment is what we consider during the development of your website, and that is the edge, we give to our clients.


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Website Design and Development Services

To provide a tailored website through incorporating aesthetic sense and advanced technological features, the SR7 web application, website design and development experts have some objectives in their mind that they commit to the client during the website development.

Some main objectives are:

Customization: Developing a customized website design that is easy to understand, appealing in looks and functionalities, optimized, can give higher conversion rates, and user-friendly.

Responsiveness: Providing mobile-responsive web designs, as more than 52% internet users in the United States are using mobile devices to access the websites. Google has changed its algorithms as well, and it crawls in mobile-responsive websites first.

SEO Optimization: Building an SEO-optimized website to develop a strong ground for optimizing the websites according to the best SEO services in the market.

A website that communicates: The basic and foremost purpose of the website is to communicate with the clients through providing them the information about company information, history, products, services, portfolio, company culture, prices and packages, and contact information.

A Lead Driving Website: Developing a website that has the ability to convert leads into sales through conversion-optimized website design.

Clear and Right Calls to Actions: Helping the visitors find the right pockets of information through which they decide to convert them into customers and direct them to the conversion page (s).

Advanced Functionalities: Giving the clients the opportunity, “You name it, we can build it.”

How much it costs to develop a website?

As one of the most promising web development agencies in, we provide customized packages and prices to make your website prominent online up to the next level. In addition, SR7 can also help organizations upgrade and integrate their websites at the most affordable rates in the market. Lastly, we offer a fully managed Service Level that includes 24×7 customer support, quality assurance at all levels, and maintenance support to handle even the most complex issues swiftly and easily.  

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